Understanding the meaning Stop Dreaming Start Action

Stop Dreaming Start Action. The selection is very meaningful keywords from Pak Joko Susilo for an SEO contest, and certainly has a deep message. So it as to any Google translet confused interpret into Indonesian, hehe. Hence this paper was limited to only my personal opinion is not good writing, especially related to the problem of motivation.

If Stop Dreaming Start Action we mean Stop Dreaming and Start ACTION obviously I do not agree. Why? Would not that be a Dream pelecut so we are enthusiastic about doing all things, right? Frankly I was wont learn blogging because I have a dream one day become a full time blogger (though not realize, perhaps too many dreams of times). So how interpret the above sentence? Maybe we should re-examine the meaning implied is therein so that the result is “Stop Dreaming and Start It in Action”. How, the more clearly not.

So many people are wrong in interpreting Dreaming that people fail to multiply in achieving the targets set. Most just think that with a big dream that we will get what you want. Buncombe, bunkum and nonsense .. If I may quote one of the Word of God that “God will not change the fate of a people unless the change itself”. Clay god who set the course of human destiny’s say this time we are still silent relax fantasize while expecting money falls from the sky? Hmm .. I think until the end was going tuh ga.

I have personal experience with regard to the Action Stop Dreaming Start a chance to contest this keyword. I once participated in a business and even now my name is still registered as a member in the company of PT, the PT ga what needs to be mentioned (privacy). Many people are successful in this business because every member is taught how to have big dreams of success. But because of my ignorance in understanding, I finally failed because just dreaming, dreaming is not accompanied by maximum effort.

Now talking about the Dreaming or the dream man turned out to be classified into 4 groups. First, 60% percent of people have dreams samar2, it is unclear what the future would like. Second, 27% of people do not have dreams at all that his life just expect mercy of others (eg beggars). Third, 10% of people have a dream that only recorded fantasy in their minds and no action. And only 3% of people who have dreams Dreaming or a clear, detailed, and is visualized.

Looking at the example above, we or anyone else who wants to succeed must have a soul like a group that I mentioned at the end was that dreaming is not a mere dream and goal that we all aspire to be realized. Few simple tips from me if we are to succeed and stop just dreaming it. First Focus on predetermined targets, Second Positive think that we will be able to achieve and the most important final should never delay in the form of action realize

Hopefully with the existence of this SEO contest we will be able to realize dreams for granted we strive earnestly and it all begins with an ACTION!! Keep blogging .. men


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  1. wz1k9O Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

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